Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Website Review: Squidoo

by Julia D. Stege, MFA

I learned about two years ago during the Christmas break. I took a free teleclass from a Search Engine Optimization company who had a fresh idea to use Social Network sites to get to page one of Google. They explained how creating a free web page on an authority site can help you actually dominate page one queries.

Good Google Ranking

Squidoo is an authority site which simply means it's popular enough to rank well on Google. Squidoo says of itself, "Squidoo makes it easy for you to find useful overview pages -- called lenses -- written by real people. It's also a fun, simple way to publish your own lenses for free. Share what you care about. Get found. Get followed. Get influential"

Easy Set-Up With Few Restrictions

I wrote about Hub Pages recently on this blog, and Squidoo is a lot like Hub Pages. The difference is that Squidoo lets you publish content that you've published elsewhere on the web, and you can put as many links to your site as you want. Hub Pages might flag your page if you use duplicate content or link more than once to a site.

Squidoo lenses are easy to set up and most of my lenses appear on page one of Google for the title of the page. You can track your stats, interact with other Squidoo members, and if you need help, Squidoo has it's own SquidU.

I recommend exploring Squidoo as a great easy way to get to page one of Google for your keyword phrase. To make sure you stay there, update your lens with new content, especially media like videos, on a regular basis, and invite your friends to comment on your lenses.

Here are some links to some of my lenses that got to page one of Google:

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