Saturday, May 24, 2008

Networking in your PJs while watching soaps?

One of the greatest benefits of living in the technical age is that we can do all sorts of things from home just by going on the internet. We can shop, learn, be entertained, and connect with others without even getting dressed! As a social being, I like to go out in the world once in a while to network with other entrepreneurs, but there's nothing quite like connecting with others from all over the world without leaving my ergonomic comfy chair.

I have taken advantage of online social networks for many years and frequently visited sites like,, (see my ryze at and to meet people, share passions, and make business connections. Now, with the addition of sites like Hub Pages (see my hub ) Twitter ( ) and Squidoo ( I can network even more effectively and get to page one of google almost instantly!

Often I sit at home in my PJ's (guess what I'm wearing now!) and share my passions, illuminate with tips, offer help and advice, check out the brilliant sharing of others, and this activity helps me to attract perfect customers. Sometimes I even do this while watching my favorite soap (recorded on TiVo). It's a really fun way to market and make friends. I cannot recommend this enough.

Here are some tips on networking online:

1) Find social networks that you really like and that reflect your personality. is for folks who like to contribute to causes, has hundreds of topical 'tribes' for you to join, is for entrepreneurs, is a micro-blog community, is for the Sonoma County, CA community (do you have one in your community?)

2) Join the group/s you like best and set up your profile. Make sure to include your picture, what you do for biz, your personal passions, your mission, and your offerings. Don't forget to include links to your website/s, blogs, and other social network pages.

3) Search your network for folks of like mind and heart and introduce yourself. Invite them to join your network. Join their network.

4) Visit your network often and spend time meeting folks, updating your profile, commenting on other folks' blogs and sites ie contribute to others

5) Join groups if your network has them. Find groups that reflect your passion and your offerings and share yourself authentically there. Contribute to others in the group at least as often as you promote your latest offerings.

6) Respond quickly to inquiries from others on your social network. Timing is everything. Let people know you appreciate their desire to connect and make efforts to really get to know them. See if you can get involved in their network of friends.

7) Create a blog or site where your latest interests, info, tips and queries are posted so folks can keep up with you and your offerings.

8) HAVE FUN! Magical Marketing is all about doing what you love to do and being open to receiving all you desire!

I have a free webinar on "How I Got to Page One of Google by Sharing Myself Authentically" on my home page. Check it out.