Saturday, January 2, 2010

Measuring Your Attract Ability Factor

by Julia D. Stege, MFA

Have you ever wondered whether or not you are being attractive? We know that like attracts like, and whatever we want is accessible to us when we are being like our goal. For instance, if we want love to be attracted to us, we must be loving rather than being resentful for not being loved. If we want people to be generous with us, then we too must be generous. If we want to feel good, then we must think good thoughts.

Here is a quick way to measure your own Attract Ability Factor.

Step 1: Name something you want to attract, and be specific about it.

Example: "I want 5 new design and consulting clients per month"

Step 2: Write down some qualities of those 5 new clients. Write them one below the other


thought leaders
need help with their marketing

Step 3: Next to each of those words, write down a word you would have to be to attract qualities like this, and write "I am" in front of it. Sometimes it will be the same exact word, and sometimes not. Then next to your "I am" statement, write a number from 1 to 5, 1 = not being this and 5 = I am being this way completely. This will help you measure how attractive you are being now.


brilliant ~ I am brilliant (4)
thought leaders ~ I am brilliant (4)
progressive ~ I am authentic (5)
popular ~ I am magnetic (3)
successful ~ I am successful (3)
need help with marketing ~ I am helpful (5)

Step 4: Do whatever you can to up your numbers.

For example: How can I be more magnetic? One way is to do whatever it takes to feel good right now. Raising my own vibration will help me to be more magnetic.

If I go through each of these and declare a way of being, then up my vibration by focusing positively, I will improve my Attract Ability fast.

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