Monday, January 4, 2010

Facebook Farmville: My New Favorite Abundance Attraction Game

by Julia D. Stege, MFA

Many of you who know me are familiar with the game I designed for Cafe Gratitude called The Abounding River Game. This game was created to inspire an experience of abundance in the players. It's a wonderful way to transcend a poverty consciousness.

So knowing that may give you pause when I tell you I have found a new favorite abundance attraction game, one I can't claim to have created. It's called Farmville and you may have noticed your friends playing it on Facebook.

This game is a Flash based interactive wonderland where you can plow earth, plant seeds, grow crops and fruit trees, harbor cows, goats, chickens and the like. Then you can harvest these assets earning Farmville cash. It's amazing how fast you can grow your farm and rake in thousands of dollars in virtual money.

It really reminds me of the game Abraham-Hicks promotes where you deposit fake money into a fake account every day that you have to spend, increasing the amounts by $1000 every day. In Farmville, you actually feel like you are working for the money, and you can spend it on things like more seeds, tractors, buildings, decorations, and animals.

Another great thing about Farmville is making friends with your neighbors (ie other Farmville addicts like yourself) I have some really great neighborly relationships with a number of my facebook friends who fertilize my crops and send me great gifts that can help me earn even more Farmville coins. It also is a great opportunity to give to others. You'd be surprised who you can meet in Farmville, and how happy they'll be when you gift them a horse!

Farmville can give you the experience of abundance which we all know is the precursor to actual abundance. Give it a try. Come by my farm and say howdy!

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