Monday, August 8, 2011

Suffering from a Boring Brand? Here's Help

I've been overhauling my brand strategy, message and look lately, doing my best to ensure my brand truly reflects my purpose and my offerings while being wildly attractive to my perfect customers.

To ensure I'm on the right path with my brand, I've even invested in branding and marketing coaching and programs with other experts in my field.

Yes, sometimes these other coaches don't fully relate to me because by most traditional marketing standards, I'm WAY "out there." As Abraham-Hicks says, "There's never a crowd on the cutting edge."

But the advice of these experts has helped me to clarify what makes me different while teaching me some techniques that even an 'out there' new paradigm Magical Marketer like myself can benefit from.

As usual, I have already translated this knowledge into tips and strategies that conscious, sensitive, spiritual coaches, practitioners, creatives, mystics, and tree hugging entrepreneurs like you can use.

So if you are experiencing even a bit of brand shame, confusion over what to say to attract customers, or you just want a bit of inspiration to help you get your heart-felt message to the world, I'd love to invite you to my new, updated, cutting edge webinar, "Branding Basics for Conscious Entrepreneurs." It's a no-cost 90 minute webinar I'm gifting to you so that you can stop worrying about what to say and start sharing your beauty and magic with the world in a way that attracts your perfect customers.

I know you and I are on the same path, because "like attracts like," and I haven't been hiding what I'm all about. When I help you get your message to the world, I'm actually forwarding my life path in the process.

This is how I help you to transform your life and the world while you're at it.

TITLE: Branding Basics for Conscious Entrepreneurs
DATE: Friday, August 19th, 2011
TIME: 1:00 pm PT / 4 pm ET
DURATION: 90 Minutes


This webinar is for you if you are seeking:

  • A Brand Message that Reflects Your Life Purpose
  • Inspiration to Develop Compelling, Attractive Keywords, Taglines and Posts
  • Instruction on How to Write Marketing Copy and Blogs that Truly Represents You and Attract the Exact Right People to You
  • Clear Direction on How to Unify Your Offerings Under One Umbrella
  • Get your branding questions answered LIVE during the Q&A portion of the webinar!
Don't waste time suffering over a boring brand!

I look forward to sharing this new paradigm for marketing that comes from the heart, promotes your life mission, and attracts your most perfect customers. See you on the 19th!