Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A New Day

Hope attracted the whitehouse. As I watch millions of people celebrating Obama’s presidency on the news, I am awed by what Obama himself called The Audacity of Hope. It is impossible to be overwhelmed by doubt when something so unlikely could win the day. Not only are we celebrating the first African American president in US history, we are celebrating a kind of hope that flies in the face of all the daunting troubles facing our country, our world and our lives.

We choose hope. We choose unity. We choose freedom. All the aspects of being American we were taught to be proud of and yet seemed lost over these past 8 years have come streaming back to us. And you can see it in the faces of the over 2 million people crowding the mall in Washington DC.

Imagine the effect of all this happiness and jubilation! I suggest today that we meditate on leveraging this wonderful mood and allowing it to permeate all aspects of our lives. Let hope guide you as you focus on your purpose in life and on your business. Rather than focusing on the bad news of the economy let’s focus on how we can overcome.

Obama is our example of achieving the impossible. Let’s meditate on that today as we take this blissful historic step into the new age.