Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Why Would They Listen to You?

One challenge that many conscious entrepreneurs have when they start creating authentic marketing is lack of self confidence. They often wonder, "Why would they listen to me?" Maybe you can relate to this feeling. It's really a fear that what you know so well is not valuable to your potential audience.

This is one of the saddest things I hear. It's sad because your passion, your purpose, and your unique knowledge is what is so compelling about you. It's what attracts your most perfect customers to you.

Sometimes we know this, but we still have the fear. Then what?

My suggestion is this: Sit quietly and close your eyes. Imagine the best customer you have ever attracted, the one who really gets you, values your advice and services, refers you to all their colleagues, and happily pays your fees. Really get a picture of them in your mind.

Now imagine sharing your true passion, your authentic self, and your most powerful offering with them. Imagine their delight! How does that vision feel?

Now let me tell you that I know from experience that all of your business relationships can be like this. When you market from the heart and confidently share your authentic self, your perfect customers are magnetically drawn to you. When you are delivering your valuable gifts to your perfect customers, the experience is uplifting, fulfilling and can be very lucrative too!

So go forth and attract by sharing your true passion with the world!

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