Saturday, July 12, 2008

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

“Isn’t that a stupid song from the 80’s?” you may be thinking.

Yeah, I know, I’m using something you remember from your past to make a point about right now. Are you falling prey to this ‘dooms day’ attitude being promoted now? Are you getting a bit shaky about ‘the economy’ and what the future may bring? Unless you’re like Buddha, you must be reacting to all the negativity being touted about the economy. Even those with a steady job with their mortgage paid are chewing a couple fingernails when they watch the news.

All this makes me want to sing! Seriously, it’s time to ask ourselves if we’re OK in this moment (of course we are!), and to remember that the future hasn’t happened yet! Uncertainty is the only guarantee in life, so let’s not be certain of such a horrible fate. Let’s instead do our best to be happy now.

And surely our perfect customers will respond to our better disposition when we are happy. Feeling good is obviously a worth while venture for many reasons, including financial security.

But how to get there from here?

First, turn off the TV!
Second: Remember Your Purpose

Ah, yes, My Purpose. Whenever I get back to that everything just makes sense and seems to flow. I have spent a lot of time musing over my purpose and I encourage others to do the same. When I focus on my purpose, I am aligning myself with my source, and that is the only time things flow to me that I have been asking for.

“When you can focus on your purpose and line it up with the purpose of your business, your productivity will increase by 40%” Tim White, Author of What’s My Purpose?

Everything is better and the world is brighter when I focus on my purpose ~ Experiencing the magic of life through free self-expression: creating the world of our dreams. When I pay attention to the passions that drive me to action, I’m happier. When I sit around and imagine dooms day scenarios, I freak out. What is the better choice? Hmmm, well, I guess it’s obvious.

So let’s do it. Let’s do what we like and think about what we like and talk about what we like and in the process be liked! We’ll like ourselves better and our perfect customers will recognize us more easily and the flow will start to happen again. It always does.

Friday, July 4, 2008

It's All About Freedom

July 4, 2008

I am thinking about Freedom; Not just because it’s Independence Day, the day all of us Americans on all sides of the political spectrum celebrate Revolution. And not just because Freedom is the basis for our country that is celebrating it’s birthday today. It’s because I’m always thinking about Freedom. Freedom is part of what makes me tick.

Sing a ‘Song of Freedom’ and I’m likely to tear with gratitude. This is what I’ve based my life upon. All the decisions I ever made have had this at the core: Freedom. I guess that makes me a quintessential American (in addition to fact that I’m a direct descendant of an American Revolutionary.)

“Give Me Liberty of Give Me Death,” I would have said, but thank goodness I haven’t have to take it to that extreme. Today I am deeply grateful for those who have come before me and blazed a trail for my Freedom. My life has always been a free expression of creativity, love and magic. I am thankful that I have the freedom to learn about, experience, and teach others the power of deliberate creation; How we are creating our lives through our thoughts, a teaching that in another time or another place would be condemned as blasphemy.

Can I interest you in considering your Freedom today? Perhaps it’s something you’ve been taking for granted, or perhaps you have been fearing the political tide would take our Freedom away. Either way, now is a great time to appreciate the Freedom we have, and to indulge in visions of Freedom for All.