Saturday, December 6, 2008

Are You Ready to Shine?

Today I was just relaxing while my husband played guitar and the melody he was playing was so true to his real spirit, that tears came to my eyes. I was inspired by the sweetness of his expression and by how well it radiated his true essence. It was pure and authentic and that opened my heart.

While I sat there feeling the music, I started thinking about the challenges we all have faced recently, and the music had washed it all away in a moment of pure expression. I get that way when I'm creating artwork, writing or expressing myself in some way. The inspiration in the moment is all that matters and the bad news slips away. I want to be this inspired all of the time. Don't you?

A New Paradigm for Marketing

Marketing is a form of expression and it too can be this inspiring, this true and pure, and yet still be effective and create sales. I want to participate in a new paradigm for marketing that is authentic inspiring to me and others. Marketing doesn't have to be about hype or 'being professional.' We dont' have to worry about 'turning people off' because those people are not our perfect customers. We want to attract people of like mind and heart so we can all forward our missions together and with greater power. We can shine our true light out to the world and not only will it be effective, it will bring abundance beyond measure.

Now is the Time

Have you heard the news lately? Lots of doom and gloom. I guess that sells papers and advertising, but it doesn't speak to the truth about the opportunity of this moment. While some of the big corporations fail and old structures reveal their instability, there is a new kind of opening available to those who are willing to explore a different way of doing things. Many of my mentors and colleagues who have been promoting a more conscious approach to business, they are thriving more than ever now, and I have to say my business is doing very well too. I believe the reason we are thriving is because we have been willing to take a risk and put our true selves out there and go for our dreams. We have had faith in our offerings and a willingness to be vulnerable and authentic.

So Are You Ready to Shine?

What can you to today to forward your purpose some more? Who can you let know about your heart-felt offerings? Go out there and shine like the crazy diamond you are, and watch what manifests!