Sunday, January 3, 2010

How to Come Up with Blog Post Ideas

by Julia D. Stege, MFA

Blogging is an activity that works better the more you do it. The challenge is to ongoingly create interesting and helpful blog posts that authentically reflect your heart-felt brand.

Here is a quick tip on how to come up with blog post ideas in a pinch. I call this process Branding from the Heart.

Get out a piece of paper and make 2 columns.

At the top of one column write "Passion" and on the top of the other column write "Result"

Now under "Passion" write a list of the words that reflect your passion and purpose in life. These words reflect what is most important to you.

Some of my Passion words are:

Wildly Attractive

Now, under "Results" make a list of the results of your offerings as well as the actual products and services you offer.
Some of my Results words are:

Social Media Magnet
Client Attraction

Now to come up with blog ideas, take words from both columns and combine them.
For instance:

Love + Branding = How to Love Your Brand

Freedom + Marketing = Experience Marketing Freedom

Authenticity + Client Attraction = How to Authentically Attract Clients

See how many blog ideas you can come up with using this simple method.

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