Thursday, January 7, 2010

Are You Learning Every Day?

by Julia D. Stege, MFA

Almost every day I set out to learn something new, whether that is by listening to webinars and teleclasses, reading books and blogs, or even just doing targeted searches online. I am a ravenous learner and that contributes greatly to my ability to effectively market myself during changing times.

And times are changing fast.

I was just looking over some of my earliest blog posts and I didn't even mention Facebook until September of '07 back when there were 'only' 150 million people on the network and I had a few hundred followers. Now Facebook has grown to over 350 million overall, and my followers have grown to 1,800+, making Facebook my #1 favorite tool for connecting with and updating my peeps.

I study Facebook, Twitter, Blogging, and other marketing and business strategies all the time. I even study the hard-sell marketing types who don't care about their impact on people or the environment, but they have good ideas for how to reach a broad audience.

Add to that my studies in the 'Metaphysical Arts', Law of Attraction, and other success principles.

This dedication to learning helps me stay on the cutting edge of thought and of marketing.

What do you study, and how often are you doing it? Please put your comments below. I would like to hear from you about resources you have found invaluable in your quest to fulfill your dreams!


  1. I have also a great found of reading the new topic,to increase my knowledge, WE should also aware of the plan that Principles of Law of Attraction
    for a amazing growth in carrier...

  2. Learning every day is key to continuing evolving, I think.

    Thanks for sharing a great reminder, Julia!

    Christine Elisabeth Hueber