Thursday, December 10, 2009

Who Are You Being When You Market Yourself

Julia D. Stege, MFA
The Magical Marketer

When you are marketing yourself with the intent to attract new customers, have you considered who you are being?

Often when we need customers, we act from a place of scarcity and fear, and though we may paste on a smile, the vibration of negativity will emanate from us. That is why when we get really scared, new clients tend to stay away.

Not many marketing gurus discuss the realm of being, perhaps because it seems abstract or ethereal. They focus on the numerous actions marketers need to take to get their products and services out there to the public. But when my mentor, Jan Stringer, came out with her new book, "BEE-ing Attraction: What Love Has to Do with Business and Marketing" I couldn't help but notice her emphasis had shifted to the realm of "Thought" (ie Strategic Attraction) to "Being" (ie BEE-ing Attraction).

When I asked her about this, she said, "it's who we are being that is key to attracting what we say we want." I knew exactly what she was talking about because I have often seen colleagues out marketing without considering their being. Who they were being emanated fear and distrust, and so their messages of success were diluted.

I have learned that checking in on who I am being before I go forth to attract customers is effective not only in receiving sales, but also in how I feel. When I take responsibility for creating a way of being, my life improves in a multitude of ways. When, for instance, I am being Loving and Of Service to Humanity, thoughts of scarcity are pushed aside and ideas for how to contribute to others take their place. I'm happier, healtier, and more balanced.

So next time you venture out to promote your business, make sure you define and declare a way of being that inspires you. You will find that your perfect customers are also inspired by your being, and they will be drawn to you in droves!

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