Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Be Yourself No Matter What

by Julia D. Stege, MFA

Sometimes people just don't react the way we want them to. Maybe they are not happy with our services, our prices, or our personality. They might come out of left field with a criticism or you heard rumors about them dissing you behind your back.

Stuff happens. People are not always perfect.

In business, we are told to go along, be professional, suck it up, put on a good face. But who has told you recently to be yourself no matter what?

I had a little run in with a vendor recently who was not happy with me to the point of sending me nasty, threatening emails that seemed way out of character. I had the inkling and the urge to respond in kind, to lower myself to that level and give it some good old fight.

But that's not who I am and when I am focused in that way I am not getting what I say I want to attract.

As soon as I realized that I derived great joy in NOT responding in kind, in just being old peace-loving self. I realized this person was there to show me who I really am, and who I am really not.

So next time someone seems ready to succeed at pushing you off your balance, see if you can remember who you really are and be that, no matter what the other people in the world are doing or saying. Staying in your center, connected to your source, is always the fastest way to get what you want!

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