Saturday, December 12, 2009

Privacy on Facebook

Facebook just instituted a new privacy setting on your wall posts.

by Julia D. Stege, MFA
The Magical Marketer

Beginning in early December 2009 whenever you update your wall (by answering the question "What's on your mind?") you can now restrict that post to certain individuals. In the past, when you updated your wall, all of your friends could see your update. Now you can post to Everyone, Friends, Friends of Friends, and also Customize your post to go only to certain friends.

This will solve a lot of concerns my customers have about everything they share going out to all of their network which includes both business and personal contacts. If they want to share something only with specific groups of people, it's now possible.

This new setting on Facebook will make the Facebook experience more customizable and thus more perfect for all. Obviously Facebook is very responsive to the needs of it's users.

To use the new feature, look to the left of the "Share" button on your wall to notice a little black "lock" icon. When you share something you want everyone to be able to see, even people who are not your friends (ie when you are informing your peeps about your latest blog post), click on the tiny lock icon and select "Everyone." When you want to send out an inside joke to your friends, select "Customize" and then type in your friends names. Have FUN!

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