Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Yoga of Marketing

by Julia D. Stege, MFA

In general, conscious entrepreneurs and spiritual practitioners tend to avoid marketing as long as possible. They prefer to focus on their gift and marketing seems like just another thing they don't want to have to do.

The fact is that if you are in business for yourself, you must market. One of my marketing mentors, Fabienne Fredrickson, says that we should be marketing 4 hours per day or just go get a job. I can't really argue much with that.

If you need customers, you need to be spending time marketing.

My suggestion is to set up a sustainable marketing system that stretches you a bit every day. Like in yoga, you don't want to go into the advanced pose on your first try then forget about it the rest of the month. You want to start where you are, work at it every day and stretch a bit more each time.

So the yoga of marketing is to go out a little bit more each day, a bit farther.

That might look like spending an extra 10 minutes to connect with new people on facebook, or spending some time writing a blog post, or exploring a new social network.

Be consistent and persistent and you will see the results.

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  1. I agree one of the keys to successful marketing is to focus on developing a program that is sustainable. One time efforts, just like single shot visits to the yoga studio, not only don't produce results, but the aches and pains from engaging in something your not prepared for or willing to sustain often cause more damage than good.