Monday, November 30, 2009

Branding from the Heart: Authentic Marketing Starts Here

by Julia D. Stege, MFA
The Magical Marketer

As an entrepreneur, you understand that "what you seek is seeking you," means that your perfect customers are seeking you now. If you are marketing actively, your perfect customers will find you.

The question is, how will they recognize you when they find you?

The answer is they'll recognize you when your marketing is authentic and comes from the heart. If your marketing is superficial in any way, your perfect customers will not recognize you as the person they are seeking. If you are coming from the heart, your perfect customers will get a strong intuitive hit when they see your marketing. They will be compelled to contact you.

So how to begin a heart-felt marketing campaign?

Our journey into the heart begins with that strange little question, "What makes you and your perfect customers tick?" The Law of Attraction says "like attracts like." Therefore your perfect customers and you share a passion and purpose in life. Sharing this in your marketing will help your perfect customers to recognize you.

To begin crafting your Branding from the Heart, write from the heart.

Get a pad of paper and a pen because you'll be writing stream of consciousness for this excercise. Ask yourself what makes you tick and write down whatever comes to mind. When you write stream of consciousness, you are not thinking about an end result. Rather you are focused in the moment, inside, and paying attention to what comes forward.

Write down what you are passionate about, what you love about life, what makes you get out of bed in the morning, what is your strongest desire? If something unexpected comes to mind, don't judge it. Just write it down. Don't worry about making complete sentences either, because nobody will be looking at this. Write it all down until you have about 2 pages of writing.

Now pause and look at all the words you just wrote down.

Notice if certain words or themes come up more than once... for instance, you may notice repetition of words like Freedom, Contribution, Creativity, Love, Inspiring and themes like Helping Others, Teaching and Learning, Creating New Systems, etc. Circle those words and phrases that resonate most deeply with you. These are your "Tick Words."

Make a list of your favorite "Tick Words."

Use these words in your business identity (ie your company name), in your marketing pieces, blog titles, product and services names, and sprinkle them throughout your sales copy. These words will help your perfect customers to identify you as the one they are seeking.

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