Sunday, December 27, 2009

Software Review: Hub Pages

by Julia D. Stege, MFA

I learned about Hub Pages about 2 years ago in a free class on how to dominate page one rankings on Google. Since then I have gotten to page one of google for a number of keyword phrases with the help of Hub Pages. When I am hired by solopreneurs, companies and websites to improve their Google page ranking, Hub Pages is often the tool that gets the fastest results. In this review I'll lay out the simple "Do's" and "Don'ts" for Hub Pages and help you get started.

The Pro's: A Great Authority Site

Hub Pages is a free web service that hosts informational web pages for its users. It is considered an Authority Site because it gets high ranking on Google and has lots of visitors; great for getting to page one of Google.

You can create as many "Hubs" as you like, and add text, pictures, videos, and links in your Hub. Hub Pages rewards pages with lots of great content by giving them great ranking both within HubPages (where dedicated Hubbers can find your stuff) and in Google.

The Hub Pages interface is very basic and easy to follow. You start by selecting your title, URL, and tags (make sure to include your keyword phrase in all three areas.) Then select a basic template and Hub Pages will quickly set up a starter page for you.

You can customize your pages with a simple stylesheet as well as bold, italic, underline, sub and super-script, bullets and numbered lists.

Include photos and videos whenever possible. HubPages loves media and will reward your page with better ranking. Other features are available in the Capsules options area, including news, links, text, photos, comments, ebay, html code, quiz, rss, polls, search and tables. Using several of these features in your Hub will enhance your site ranking.

Hub Pages: Some Challenges to Overcome

HubPages insists on original, unique content on its pages and punishes you if your Hub is "Over Promotional." That means you have to use unique content and link sparingly. This is a huge drawback to Hub Pages in comparison to blog sites like Blogger and Wordpress, or even Squidoo, all of which allow you to post duplicate content and multiple links.

You can program in links but again, be careful with links on HubPages. I cannot say that loudly enough because if you link to one website more than 2ce in your Hub, HubPages will flag your page and deny your publishing request.

When you have finished your Hub, make sure to promote it. Hub Pages provides forums where you can pal around with other Hubbers and include links to your new hubs. Also invite friend from your social networks using the share button.

Hub Pages continues to be a great tool for Search Engine Optimization. It gets me to page one of Google almost every time. Just be cognizant of the rules and offer real, consumable content.

Here are some links to some of my Hubs:

Join and start Hubbing now. It's easy, it's free, and you'll love the results.


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