Monday, December 28, 2009

Software Review:

by Julia D. Stege, MFA

I have been using SocialToo, a Twitter application, for about a year or so mostly for the Daily Stats email they send me almost every day. For a one time fee of only $20, I get a daily email including a whole list of all new followers and new unfollowers and info about them including what tweet was live when they followed or unfollowed me and how many followers they have.

They also automatically follow anyone who follows me included in that one time fee. Since it's good Twitiquette to follow everyone who is following you, it's handy to have a tool automatically do that for you.

That would be enough for me, but there are some other features that SocialToo offers at a very low cost.

Catchup Your Previous Followers
For $5 SocialToo will follow anyone who is following you that you have not yet followed. This helps you catch up on followers from before the time you start the $20 service.

Create a SocialSurvey
With SocialToo you can poll your Twitter and Facebook Friends with a SocialSurvey. I have not used this feature yet, but I bet I could come up with some good uses for this. According to SocialToo, you can create a survey, ask your friends a question, and share to Twitter or Facebook. Your friends can comment directly on the survey, and their own comments will go back out to Twitter with a link back to the survey for their own friends to take.

Automiatic DM Filters
Sometimes Direct Messages that are automatic can fill your Twitter DM inbox with a bunch of Spam. You can use SocialToo DM filters to apply actions to specific keywords or phrases, including unfollow and blocking.

Vanity URL Creation with Tracking
Track visitors to your Facebook Profile with a Vanity URL created by SocialToo. This URL tracks people that click on the URL, where they came from, and where they were when they clicked on it.

All in all SocialToo is a useful and inexpensive service that runs without me thinking about it, and reminds me of its existence almost daily. It's handy to have those emailed stats so I can see how fast my Twitter has grown over time.

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  1. Ahem... Good Twitter etiquette to follow everyone back?

    I must heartily disagree. Following everyone back is the fast track to getting a stream filled with crapola.