Friday, November 20, 2009

Authentic Tweets Attract Perfect Peeps

by Julia D. Stege, MFA

Have you forgotten all about Twitter?

Life can become really hectic and I must admit Twitter has recently taken a back burner place in my Facebook dominated world.

Thankfully my good colleague Elinor Stutz (author of Nice Girls Do Get the Sale) reminded me of the beauty and wonder of Twitter the other day when I was interviewing her for my upcoming book "Client Attraction Breakthrough."

Elinor (@smoothsale) has built a following of over 4,800 on Twitter by giving away great information every day. Go check out her Twitter and you will see what I mean.

Here are some examples of her authentic Tweets that are helpful and attractive for her peeps seeking "Smooth Sale" tips:

"Plan your day the night before to eliminate wasted time"

"When interviewing, listen to underlying problems with industry, company and/or department."

"To be successful in business, you must believe in what you sell!"

"Turn cold calls into warm calls - before announcing UR name, say something relevant about their website."

Notice that she doesn't include links to her stuff in every Tweet. She will include her links about 20 - 30% of the time, and the rest are pure informational gifts.

Elinor sends a new Tweet every hour so that her peeps are sure to benefit from her nuggets. She does this by using one of the many Twitter tools that help us to plan our Tweets for the day. Taking about 15 minutes in the morning, Elinor can plan her Tweets in advance.

I am totally inspired to follow Elinor's lead and get back on Twitter to offer tips and inspiration to my 6300 + followers. To schedule my Tweets in advance, I use . Another popular one is that also includes some other cool features for free.

What to Tweet?

Think about the questions your Perfect Customers ask you, the advice you find yourself giving often, and bits of inspiration that are uplifting and meaningful. When you give real content, your followers will Re-Tweet you to their peeps and your following will grow.

Go forth and Tweet and Attract Perfect Peeps!

Magical Marketer Julia D. Stege, MFA helps people attract their perfect customers with a unique combination of Law of Attraction, Wildly Attractive WebsitesTM, Branding from the HeartTM, and smart Social Networking strategies. If you're ready to start attracting your perfect customers now, get Julia's free Magical Marketing Toolkit at . WANT TO USE THIS ARTICLE IN YOUR EZINE OR WEB SITE? You can, as long as you include the entire article including this bio at the end.

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