Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Will They Care About Your Passion?

by Julia D. Stege, MFA

Only when we fully realize our perfect peeps are completely aligned with us on a sole-purpose level will we finally understand the utmost importance of authentic marketing.

There is a growing population of business owners, especially those who are spiritually oriented, who are attracted to an authentic approach to marketing. They understand that hype-y sales strategies are not becoming to them nor attractive to their perfect customers.

But when it comes to sharing their true life passion, their purpose, what really makes them tick, they get shy. They ask themselves, "Will people really care about my passion?"

This shyness comes from a fear of rejection, pure and simple. Most of us have been taught that business is no place for your passion. And it feels vulnerable to expose ourselves. On an unconscious level, we think even fake marketing is safer. The self dialog may sound like this, "even though this marketing doesn't really represent me, I heard this tactic sells, and I'd rather be rejected for this than my true life's passion."

The problem is that our perfect business partners and customers, those who are aligned with our purpose, will not recognize us unless we are transparently authentic in our marketing. And that means sharing what you are passionate about.

The first step is to determine what you are passionate about. Start with what you love most about your business and share that, in person and online. Share the client story that touched you so deeply, tears came to your eyes. Or if you need to start lighter, simply share a quote from your favorite thought leader that reveals where you are coming from. Notice how sharing your passion attracts people to you who would never have found you otherwise, ones who are truly your perfect match.

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