Thursday, April 29, 2010

Lester Says Keep It Simple

by Julia D. Stege, MFA

The other day I was wandering around at a local parade when I saw a puppy for sale and brought him home, completely on a whim (with my husband's permission of course.) We named him Lester. My heart breaks open whenever I look at him. He reminds me that the simplest things are what makes life magical. Puppies are just pure love. That's a pic of Lester kissing my big Leonberger Starr.

With a puppy around, it's difficult to focus on the future, or to worry about the past. He is in present time only, and that's where he wants me to play. I'm cool with that because I know that's the best way to raise my vibration, to stay present and pay attention to the magic.

I can keep it simple in my marketing too. I think the best marketing is a short share straight from the heart. When our hearts are open and we share what we are present to right now, our perfect peeps are drawn right to us. They notice our true heart shining through.

What can you share about right now in your ezine, or your blog, or just on your Facebook wall? Focus in on the present and look into your own heart. What is waiting to be expressed? Share that and watch what happens.

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