Friday, July 24, 2009

Still Tooling Around Online? We're Waiting for Your Message!

Just look at you! You're out there serving people with your heart-felt gifts. You have spent your life discovering ways to help yourself and others to live a better life, to transcend, to thrive, to experience joy. You warm my heart with your passion for contribution.

Now if only your perfect customers could find you, the phone would be ringing off the hook, and your calendar would be filled.

Close your eyes and imagine this: the phone rings and someone on the other end of the line says, "I found you online and I really love what you do. Your approach is so unique, such a match for me. I already feel like you 'get' me, and I'd like to explore your services." Breathe it in. It could happen to you.

I know because this happens to me a lot, sometimes several times in a day.

It happens because while you have been learning new ways to serve people with your magical offerings, I've been studying those big marketing gurus, the type that send really loud videos every day about how much money they're making online. I study them so that I can glean ways to translate their important information into language that conscious entrepreneurs like you and I can understand and relate to.

I mean, you wouldn't be able to use their information right out of the box because it's so hypey and though it's solid information that's vital for any business owner to know, it doesn't take into consideration the importance and the feeling of a heartfelt message. Frankly, these folks don't think about the vibration of their marketing, and if you used their techniques, your perfect customers would run to the hills to go meditate just to rebalance themselves.

Are you ready to stop just tooling around online?

You need a more authentic, transparent, and sensitive approach to marketing, and you can't easily imagine how you could do this online. You know you have a very important gift, but you're the best kept secret in your industry because you're mostly tooling around online and not really getting the message out.

What if instead of just tooling around and experimenting here and there, you could develop a plan that allows you to share what's most important to you in a way that builds buzz about your offerings and magnetizes people to you? What if you could expand your network by thousands of people who are a perfect match for you, who are seeking something that you have?

I want to help!

This is what my offerings are really all about. With my blogs, my social networking friendships, my attraction marketing webinars, and my custom design services, I help conscious entrepreneurs to define their message from their true life purpose and develop that into a consistent, alluring and beautiful brand. I then help them take that message and define it online in a way that offers the right vibration and inspires perfect customers to take actions (like calling you for a free consult.) The icing on the cake is the way I teach folks how to network authentically using social networks that get you to page one of Google and attract perfect customers.

Because I love you, my peeps and followers, I have some special offerings that will help you to reach those people who are seeking you now, and reach them with the right message that will transform their lives. First, I have a standing offer for a complimentary exploratory conversation to discuss your purpose and how you want to get the message out. To get that you must call me at (707) 823-3316 during biz hours and leave some good times to talk. Then I have some bonus offerings that were my "one day only" specials for folks who signed up for my free teleclass series , but I'm extending them to you because I really care about your message getting out to the world.

Here you'll find my best price on my 10 week webinar bundled with bonus lessons on how to use Law of Attraction in your marketing plus discounted private sessions with me. You can use the private sessions to define your heart-centered brand message, perfect your attraction plan, and get over your stumbling blocks to success online. I do have a limited number of these packages available, so please act quickly before I take the page down.

Wanna earn some cash?

I'd like to extend to you an offer to earn some money while helping your peers and buddies to also attract their perfect customers online. I'm setting up a new affiliate program that automates this process, but while I'm getting that ready, I would like to offer you a 10% cash bonus or a 15% service bonus for referring them to my specials, but you have to tell me the names of the folks you're sending my way, and I'll happily speak with them about how I can serve them.

Are you ready to powerfully share your mission and attract your perfect customers online? You can visit and place your order online now, or you can call me at (707) 823-3316 and ask me how I can help you to get started.

The world is waiting for you!

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