Thursday, July 9, 2009

Still Afraid of Social Networks? Top 4 Objections and How to Disappear Them

by Julia D. Stege, MFA

I have been giving a lot of talks and classes lately on Social Networking and I've been getting some feedback from folks that they're still afraid of the likes of Twitter and Facebook. There are so many reasons people have for avoiding these free online marketing tools. The ones I hear the most are:

1. I will lose my privacy.
2. I don't have the time to do one more thing.
3. People say meaningless things like what they're eating. Why do I care?
4. I don't understand how to use Social Networks to attract perfect customers.

I promise you, I feel your pain. I really do. There was once a time when I said all of these things about sites I now use daily to grow my list, create buzz about my offerings, and expand my reputation online. But instead of giving up, I investigated, spent time, learned, and used the social networks to great advantage. And even though everyone is talking about Twitter and Facebook now, most Internet marketers weren't even on these sites a few months ago. So relax! Everyone is new at this. And I'll give you some tips to disappear those objections you may still have to Facebooking and Tweeting your way to Internet marketing success.

Objection 1: I'll lose my privacy.

Frankly, my gut reaction to this objection is, "privacy is dead." Anyone who markets online is exposing themselves to the world in bigger ways than ever was possible before. There are great advantages to being this exposed, including improved reputation, expanded influence, and wider selection of potential customers. My second reaction is, "what do you have to hide?" I always promote an authentic approach to marketing because your most perfect customers are attracted to your true self. Social Networks offer your contacts an opportunity to get to know the real you, and if they don't like you, they're not your perfect customers! That said, it's a good idea to keep your personal information private, such as your personal email, home phone, and other info, if you don't want folks contacting you night and day. Create business contact avenues that you can turn off when the business day ends.

Objection 2: I don't have the time to do one more thing

Let me offer a scenario. Everyone in business needs to network to spread the word about their offerings and meet new contacts. How much time does it take to go to one networking meeting? Consider you have to get dressed up which takes about an hour, and then you must get to the event, say another half hour. The event is 2-3 hours, and then you have to drive home. That's a total of 4 - 5 hours! If you were to spend that time networking online you have the potential to reach a much larger audience, and your web properties will stay up for months or even years attracting your customers 24/7.

Objection 3: People say meaningless things like what they're eating. Why do I care?
This is a common complaint. You go to your network and feel inundated by nonsense. Here's a tip: If you don't like what people are writing about on your networks, you're not connecting to the right people. To attract the right people, do a keyword search using words that reflect your purpose and interests and connect with them! Search for groups of like minded people and friend them. After a while you'll find your networks filled with helpful tidbits and inspirations that uplift and educate you. Spend some time responding to those folks who have said something interesting and encourage them. Make sure you offer helpful and interesting information too, so it's not just a one way relationship!

Objection 4: I don't understand how to use Social Networks to attract my perfect customers.
You're not alone! Most people know how to have fun, connect, and chat with folks online once they get the hang of it, but attracting customers? That's a different story. Consider this: Dale Carnegie who wrote How to Win Friends and Influence People taught us that people will buy from us when they know us, like us and trust us. Making friends online is a crucial step in this process. The second step is in creatively letting them know about what you're offering for sale, and be authentic.

I realize it's not that simple for some folks who need a helping hand. That's why I teach a 10 week program for conscious entrepreneurs who need guidance through the process of getting on the right social networks, using the right words to attract folks, and using the best tools to create new business relationships. I also offer free teleclasses once per month to give you some valuable tips on how to get started on the Social Networks. Visit to learn more and register for my upcoming classes. It's my pleasure to empower you to attract your perfect customers online.

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