Saturday, April 25, 2009

Social Networking for Dummies ~ Free Teleclass

Never Fear, the Fairy Godmother of Social Networking is Here

Once upon a time, Social Networks were for kids. You knew about them only from the teenagers in your life who wanted to tell the world about their favorite song, or who was dating who, or what happened on their fav TV show last night. You felt comfortable ignoring the Social Media because you had work to do and no time for that kid stuff.

Then one day you woke up and everyone in the marketing world was shouting from the rooftops about how Web 2.0 was the wave of the future. Suddenly everyone was talking about it. "Social Networks?" you said. "Aren't they for kids?" But this time you got the blank stare instead of the knowing nod. That stare said you were a Social Networking Dummy. You were behind the times and missing out on something BIG.

And big it is. Hundreds of millions of people are flooding the Social Networks and those with marketing saavy are reducing their marketing budgets while increasing their marketing reach. They tout their Twitter Follower numbers and Facebook Saavy, and brag about getting to page one of Google. "How can I get in on this?" you wondered.

You gave in at that point, and you joined a couple of the networks and watched as a stream of seemingly meaningless chatter appeared on your pages from people you didn't know... people sharing what they had for dinner, what happened on the latest episode of "Idol", and what their favorite bands from the 80s were. " How can this possibly help my business?" you thought. "And who can help me find out?"

So you looked around for someone to help who understands you, your important mission, and your Social Media predicament. But all you found were some hard-core hype peddlers. These folks may have known a lot about marketing, but they weren't Conscious Entrepreneurs like you. They had marketing success, but they didn't seem to care a whip about what they were selling or how it was impacting the world (much less the planet.) You tried studying their programs but they just made you feel worse, overwhelmed, and even more like a Social Networking Dummy.

So you closed your eyes and prayed. Yes, what a wonderful idea. That always worked in the past. "Please send me somebody I can trust who can teach me the basics," you whispered, "someone I can relate to who can help me magically attract my perfect customers online."

Then POOF, along came the Fairy Godmother of Social Networking carrying a magic wand, and she sprinkled Fairy Dust on your head.

Suddenly your Twitter numbers leaped into the thousands, and on Facebook your Fan Page was flocked. People read your blogs and praised you for enhancing their lives. Your phone line buzzed with requests from perfect customers who cried with joy and exclaimed, "I can't believe I finally found you! You are the one I have been seeking."

Do you want to know how this Fairy Tale turns out? Even more importantly, do you want to know what is in that Fairy Dust?

Then come along to the free teleclass Social Networking for Dummies on Wednesday, April 29th at 9am Pacific Time.

I'm Julia Stege, the Magical Marketer, and I will be examining that Fairy Dust for free. During this one hour teleclass I will tell you:

  • How can Conscious Entrepreneurs best get started with Social Media?
  • What are the major benefits Internet Marketers are getting from Social Networking?
  • What are the best Networks you MUST get on now and who will you meet there?
  • How many hours a week do you need to spend online to get magical results?
  • How can you avoid the Facebook and Twitter Time Suck?
  • How can you connect with folks of like mind and heart, and leave the others behind?
  • What Networks will help your website ranking the most?
  • What tools are there to help you save time with your Social Networking efforts?
  • What the #$&Bleep*%? should you Blog about? And why?

To register, simply send an email to with the subject Social Networking for Dummies and you will receive the call in information for the class by auto responder.


"Now I understand," you said out loud. "I know all the best Social Networks to use to spread my heart-felt mission to the world. I know just how to attract those perfect customers who are seeking me. Thank you Fairy Godmother of Social Networking. Now I am free."

Visit after 4/29/09 for a limited time to listen to the "Social Networking for Dummies" Podcast

©2009 by Julia D. Stege, MFA

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