Saturday, April 11, 2009

Will You Twollow Me?

You've heard the Twitter buzz, and maybe you have even gotten on Twitter and found yourself confused by all the strange little @ signs and # tags and truncated words like "C U latr." You may be asking yourself, "What does it all mean and how can I have a real conversation with people about things I care about?"

You may have also noticed there are a lot of senseless conversations about what folks are eating for dinner and what TV shows are on and how the weather is someplace. This is not what you thought you'd get by going on this famous Twitter. You thought you could attract some perfect customers there, but how?

I'm here to say there is a way! Actually, there are hundreds of ways to find and follow the exact right people on Twitter. There are boatloads of applications out there that will help you. I found one that finds folks I'll be simpatico with and automatically follows them for me. I don't even have to go on Twitter to have it working for me behind the scenes. And once I follow them, most folks in the Twitterverse will follow back. It's Twitter courtesy.

The name of this wonderful tool? It's called Twollow. Just visit and put in your Twitter username and password to get started with a free 2 week trial. You get 5 keyword phrases to play with at a time. You enter words and phrases for Twollow to find on Twitter. It will search for folks using those keywords you entered, and automatically follow them - up to 15 people per keyword phrase.

I'm Twollowing folks who are talking about Law of Attraction, Consciousness, Social Media, Facebook and Twitter. After you set this up not only will you notice your followers numbers increasing, you'll find the conversations much more interesting and stimulating. Who do you want to Twollow?

©2009 by Julia D. Stege, MFA

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