Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Joy Factor ~ Marketing is Meant to be Fun

by Julia D. Stege, MFA

In traditional marketing there wasn't a lot of room for joy. What with all that 'lack mentality,' competition, targeting people, innundating and brainwashing, true joy didn't have room to breathe, not for the marketer nor for the customer. That paradigm for marketing wasn't really about joy, fulfillment, or contribution at all. It was about selling something to someone who didn't want it. It took a lot of work and there was quite a lot of stress involved.

But we know better now. As conscious entrepreneurs, we know there is no competition, and we know that what we are seeking is also seeking us. Those most perfect customers for us are out there looking for what we have to offer. We don't need to brainwash them. They really want it, and they know because their intuition told them and has guided them to look for us. They will never recognize us, though, if we are operating out of any of those old paradigms of lack and competition. They will only recognize us when we are expressing our true joy to the world through our marketing.

So what is it about your business that most brings you joy?

It is so important that we feel joy every day, and that includes while we are marketing. If you have fears about what to say to promote your business, if you worry about not being professional enough or not having the right message, please let that all go and focus on why you are doing your business to begin with. What aspects of what you do are most fun and uplifting for you? It's likely that what you love to do has a positive effect on others too. And when you are genuinely having fun, people can tell, and your perfect customers will flock to you.

Share that! Whether you are writing your new web copy, or creating a blog post, or writing a short tweet to your social networks, make it something that is fun and fulfilling for you. Dig inside of your heart to find your passion and get your message out to the world. Just like life, marketing is meant to be fun!

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©2009 by Julia D. Stege, MFA

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