Monday, October 4, 2010

What Is Your Big Crazy Dream?

by Julia D. Stege

This weekend I went to Vacaville to the Be Love Farm to have a conversation at a long dinner table among folks committed to organic foods, personal expression, and global transformation. We talked and ate good food outide among the warm breezes coming off the grassy hillside. We heard from people who have created conscious businesses, cured themselves of illness with natural means, invented new methods and new products designed to forward human kind.

Being among people who have accomplished amazing things inspired me. But it was also painful.

It was painful because I was acutely aware of my desire to have a postitive impact, to reach millions of people and help them be uplifted and inspired to do their good works in the world, and the contrast between that and the reality of my current limited realm of influence and contribution. When I spoke to the group, I admitted I had no clue how to accomplish what I really desire without having a boat-load of money to do it. The response I got helped me to wake up to the resources I already have, and to start there and move toward my goal one step at a time.

I know, I want to leap, but that is not how change happens (most of the time.)

Being around people who play big makes me want to play big. So when I got home that night, buzzed on coffee and possibility, I lay in the dark pondering how I can get my Big Crazy Dream rolling.

I came up with an idea at about 3am (a good time for inspiration.) It will be an ongoing series of no-cost or by donation webinars where I have conversations with Thought Leaders and Big Players who are impacting the world in positive ways.

I could see how this project could really take off and attract thousands if not tens of thousands of conscious people across the globe. So instead of procrastinating, I reserved the domain and invited my first guest. I'll keep you posted when the series begins.

So what is your Big Crazy Dream? Are you holding back because you think you don't have the resources to get started? Share here what step you could take now to start realizing your dream. Of course, sharing is the first step!


  1. Awesome, Julia! sounds very exciting-love those middle of the night ideas. I can't wait to hear more! I am starting my Energy Mentorship program in January, which I am very excited about, and you helped me finalize! I will be sharing on facebook soon!