Wednesday, October 6, 2010

How Authentic Should Authentic Marketing Be?

People have been asking me this question for a long while, "How authentic should authentic marketing be?" And I always come up with the same answer, "As authentic as possible." But what does that really mean?

There are a lot of reasons to be authentic in your marketing, mostly because being any other way is torture and doesn't attract the right customers. But people often want to know:

  • Do I share everything about my private life?
  • Should I reveal my business mistakes?
  • Is it ever appropriate to reveal my political or spiritual beliefs?

These are pertinent questions, and there is no one right answer. It really does depend on you, your personality, your business, your audience... such a number of things.

That's why I emphasize that by having the right attitude toward your marketing, your authentic self will shine through and you'll easily answer these questions for yourself.

Here are 3 key attitudes to adopt when creating your authentic marketing.

Attitude #1: I trust my true self is attractive to my perfect customers.

The first attitude is all about understanding how the Law of Attraction works and relaxing into your true power. When we understand that like attracts like, and that what makes us and our perfect customers tick is aligned, then being ourselves becomes the practical solution to attracting the right people.

Attitude #2: When I feel good, I'm more attractive (and I feel good!)
The second attitude is all about feeling good. The better we feel the more attractive we are to others, especially others who also feel good. When we understand this

Attitude #3: I know what's right for my business.
The third attitude is trusting your own knowledge and intuition about your business. When you have this attitude, you can listen to the advice of others without being pulled off your center and thrown into confusion and procrastination. Then you can implement what makes sense to you and leave the rest.

When you feel good, trust in your attractive true self, and are confident about your business, then making decisions about what to share and what to keep private comes naturally and easily.

PS: My answers to the 3 questions above would be No (be selective about what to share - use your intuition), Yes (show yourself as a real human being like Bush refused to!) and Yes (see answer to #2)