Tuesday, October 12, 2010

SEO Strategies for Conscious Entrepreneurs

Blogs are known as a wonderful tool for sharing your passion, engaging potential clients, attracting media attention, and building a compelling online presence.  It is also said that certain blogs are good for your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or "Site Ranking" but the standard practice is limited to integrating a blog into your website and updating it as frequently as possible.  Hardly anyone talks about the power of creating one page blogs that are specifically designed to get you to page one of Google.  

I learned about this strategy about 3 years ago when attending a couple of free online courses offered by a group called Conversation Domination. Google really loves blogs and Web 2.0 pages (i.e. social networks) and hardly anyone in the SEO world uses these to get good ranking, so often you can be the first one to grab the main keywords from your industry. It's pretty much a 2 step process.  

Step 1: Choose Your Keywords
I encourage you to select a 5-word phrase that includes a combination of practical words referencing your offerings and words that convey the feeling of your offering.  You can use the Google "Keyword Tool" (just do a search for it at google.com) to see which words you're considering rank better.  Combine those words with those from part 2 of your Attraction Plan called your "Tick Words" to come up with your Magical Keyword Phrase.

Step 2: Set Up One Page Blogs Using your Keywords
Though most people set up one blog and update it often, this strategy invites you to set up multiple one page blogs that you don't have to update.  Use your keyword phrase as your blog title, blog URL, and headline. Also include these words in links that point back to your site to improve your site ranking for these words. Most of these platforms allow for a Twitter widget that feeds your Twitter news stream onto the page, thus updating it automatically whenever you update your Twitter.

Use the following high-ranking blog sites and Web 2.0 properties. These will let you duplicate your own content so you can copy and paste from one source document:

Another great one is http://www.hubpages.com but this one won't allow you to publish duplicate content, even if you wrote it.  Write unique text for this one and limit links back to your site (max 2 links per site) or Hubpages will not let you publish.

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