Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What Do You Love About Yourself?

by Julia D. Stege, MFA

Last week I attended the Sonoma Big Ideas dinner featuring Terces Engelhart, an old workshop buddy and branding client of mine. Terces spoke about how love has transformed her business Cafe Gratitude over and over again.

One of the cards in the game we designed together asks the question, "What do you love about yourself?"(The Worth Card from the Abounding River Game is depicted to the left.) This, Terces tells us, has become a question each of their employees gets to answer every day at work. This is a key to the success Cafe Gratitude is experiencing, even in a changing economy.

We all know that self love is the first step to attracting what we desire,
we just don't always practice it!

When I work with clients on their branding, we do a process called "Branding from the Heart" which is designed to help them tap into what they love most about themselves and about live in general. This true heart's passion becomes the grounding for the creation of their business brand. When my clients succeed at communicating what they love most about themselves in a way that their perfect customers can identify with, business explodes.

Cafe Gratitude is an expression of the founders' fondness for contribution. When Terces and her hubby Matthew first came to me with their business idea, I could tell they were truly passionate about the impact they were about to make, and that they loved this about themselves. Working with them was inspiring because it reminded me to focus on what I love about myself and my life, and to integrate that into my business.

So, what do you love most about yourself?

Take some time to reflect on this today and give yourself the space to receive your own self-love. This will uplift you and make you immediately more attractive to what you desire.

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