Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Can Marketing Transform the World?

by Julia D. Stege, MFA

For my entire life I have yearned for positive social change and actively participated in movements for the environment, peace, and freedom. I have also been in the marketing trade since beginning my training as a teenager. And though I have donated my design and marketing services to causes I believe in, not until about a month ago did it occur to me that a new paradigm for marketing could uplift and transform the world, one heart-aligned soul at a time.

Most of my peeps are still resisting sales and marketing because the world is so full of hype and fakery, and that's how marketing is seen (for good reason.) When I was working in Manhattan in the early part of my design career, I found out that the traditional model of marketing was about targeting and brainwashing folks away from their intuition. Boy, that was NOT a fit for me, which is why I left New York after only a few years.

Recently I have begun to develop ways to market that actually help you and your perfect customers find each other through your intuition! It's all about sharing your passion in a way that promotes everything you're up to. It's irresistible to your perfect customers because you are simpatico, aligned, and destined to work together.

When you keep sharing your passion and relating it back to your offerings, it can really transform your life because you start attracting people who can help you move forward on your chosen path.

So how can marketing transform the world? Social Media is a great place to share your passion, and even that can uplift another. We understand that by showing our light, we give permission to others to share theirs.

But there's a way to take it one step further and really uplift another person, on purpose. We can actually promote them. Imagine if we make that shift to stop continuously promoting ourselves and take some time to promote other people who we know are offering great things to the world. Think of how that can make someone's day and how that can exponentially effect the others in their lives.

And think about how that will affect the light in which others see you. They will see you as an uplifter, as one who openly promotes their colleagues, as a giving person. You will be uplifting yourself as you uplift the world. And an uplifted world is surely a transformed one.

I would love to hear your comments about this new paradigm for marketing. Are you willing and ready to start uplifting others online?

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  1. I've been uplifting others all the time, and it does feel great. Now I just need to do more of it online! The paradigm shift is occurring among heart-based folk in many fields and its gratifying to see it being embraced by small businesses---and hopefully larger businesses and corporations---now that would be major--And I choose to believe that even corporations can do good in the world!