Friday, October 9, 2009

How to Have a Vibration Raising Long Weekend!

I hope you're planning to take Monday (Columbus Day) off to raise your vibration. You're not fooling me. I know you have been very busy, working hard to get your business really rolling. And I bet you started thinking about fitting some work in on Monday when the phones won't be ringing as much and you'll have some space to catch up.

Just don't do it! You deserve the break and the rest. And in fact, if you spend the day focusing on what feels good to you, and follow your intuition, you will be much closer to receiving what you've been wanting. Feeling good is that important to your success.

So if you need something to do on Monday that will lure you away from your work and yet be practical for your business, here are some Vibration Raising Activities for you. And you can tell your gremlins that I gave you permission to play hookie and do this instead of that work project you were trying to finish.

Vibration Raising Activities:

1) Take yourself on an "Artists Date": Julia Cameron who wrote "The Artists Way" came up with this idea, to take yourself on a date and do whatever fuels your creative juices and makes you feel good. It's just about having fun with yourself and doing whatever your intuition tells you would be fun for you. I like going alone to movies I'd love but my husband would hate, going to art shows or galleries and soaking in the brilliance of the artist, or just window shopping at beautiful boutiques along Main Street.

2) Give yourself a Spa Day: Start the day with a hot bubble bath with essential oils and candles. Relax to your favorite music and allow your mind to get still. Guide your thoughts to whatever pleases you. Enroll someone in giving you a massage (if it pleases them). Wander mindfully through a garden or path in nature. Breathe in the fresh air. Consider what would be most relaxing for you and do that. If it looks like watching cartoons in your PJ's and slippers, sipping hot tea, then so be it. Whatever rolls your socks up and down, as my friend says. (Thanks for that one Mary)

3) Do a Fun Project Around the House: If you really love to be productive and that's what gets you in the right vibration, do a project around the house. Lately I've been creating a stone patio in my new back yard (where the pool used to be that we demolished this summer). It gets me out of my regular work mind and into a playful creative mind when I work on that project. And the results are really rewarding. As long as it's not related to your money making job, I say it's OK to do on a holiday.

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