Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hype, Brainwashing & Lies, Oh My!

Discovering a More Authentic Approach to Marketing
by Julia D. Stege, MFA @magicalmarketer

Twenty-five years ago when I began my career on Madison Avenue, I learned some pretty disturbing things about the real world of marketing. Though my passion was making beautiful and inspiring designs, I found that the name of the promotions game was to target an audience and lure them away from their intuition so they'll spend money on stuff they don't really want or need.

It dawned on me after a few years that there was no heart in that world.

It was all hype, brainwashing and lies designed solely to get people to part with their dollars.

Despite the fact that I often had creative clientele like the Museum of Modern Art and Carnegie Hall, I also experienced heartless competition that could squash the dreams of a young designer like me. Luckily I met some metaphysicians who helped me during my brief stay in NYC to see beyond the surface appearance of things and take a deeper look at reality.

After a few years, I escaped from New York and headed west, discovering myself along the way. Though I sometimes tried to shake my marketing skin, it always seemed to find me again. Even when I was a full time activist in the Midwest, I always created promotions. The difference was the purpose.

Over the years my life as a creative for the freedom movement coincided with my ongoing fascination with the magical aspsects of life. I was introduced to the Law of Attraction which says Like Attracts Like. I studied closely with Jan Stringer who had created a Strategic Attraction PlanTM to help corporate salespeople and avant-garde entrepreneurs to attract their perfect customers.

The key question she was asking them to answer was, "What makes you and your perfect customers tick?"

The question seemed innocent enough at first, but I discovered its depth as I began to answer it. The idea is that if 'birds of a feather flock together,' then the clearer we are about what makes us tick, the more we attract people of like mind and heart, and the richer our relationships become. I also discovered that when we relate our true life's calling to our offerings, we see our businesses in a new light. Often this process opens a floodgate of rich emotion and resonates to our core.

Even when we have seemingly divergent interests and expressions (ie graphic designer, revolutionary journalist, public speaker, wild herb enthusiast, magical marketer...) defining our "Tick" helps us to see how they are all related.

My passion for beautiful and authentic self expression that inspires transformation has defined all my disparate activities and journeys. And it is that which draws my perfect customers to me.

What is your passion? What makes you and your perfect customers tick? Share that in your marketing and notice who is magnetically drawn to you.

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