Sunday, June 14, 2009

How to Attract More Business Now

by Julia D. Stege, MFA

Do you want to expand your customer base, improve your work life, and increase your cash flow? If you listen to the news you might be hiding under the covers afraid to face the day. But seriously, are you sure you are doing everything you can and even more importantly, being all you can be to attract more business now? There is no sense in worrying about what's going on out there when there is so much you can focus on right here to improve your lot (and the lot of your customers too!)

Let's look there to see if there's something simple, fun and fulfilling you can be or do now to expand your business no matter what's happening "out there."

1) Take the time to focus on what you want. Every morning (and sometimes at night too) I do a meditation along with self applied acupressure to balance my energy and focus on what I'm attracting. I can take up to an hour to do this, and it has offered palatable results. As I imagine the scenarios I want to manifest, I can actually feel my mood lifting. Like Jerry Clark the magical MLM trainer, I like to imagine standing in line at the bank with a bunch of large checks to deposit. I imagine getting my receipt and checking my balance which is just as big as I want it to be. I imagine all kinds of positive experiences with my future clients, too, including situations where I'm solving problems for them and they're ecstatic about the results. During my day, I look for evidence of what I'm wanting coming to fruition, and I celebrate when it does.

2) Ask yourself, "Who am I being?" Are you being the most positive aspects of yourself, or are you falling prey to negativity? Don't count on expanding your business if you are worrying, doubting, or worse, getting angry. Remember, like attracts like, so if you're engaging in being negative, you'll attract more of that. Maybe in these times, to attract what you want you have to be Resilient, Persistent, Upbeat, Loving, and Helpful. Heck maybe you even have to be Magical! Before you engage in any marketing activities, check yourself and see if you can center yourself in a being that is a match for that which you are attracting.

3) Go out there and network online. Now that you're balanced and being the light of Love in the world, it's time to start networking and sharing your heart-felt gifts with the world. Are you on all the hottest Social Networks folks are raving about? It's not an accident that they are all the rage. People (including me) are getting real results from sharing our purpose and our offerings online. Whether or not you have a website, you want to be active in online marketing to expand your business.

Here's a checklist for starters.

  1. Are you blogging regularly and telling your peeps about it? Make sure you blog once per week or more to consistently build your blog archive. Your blog entries are like magnets drawing searches from potential clients, media or joint venture connections. Remember to tell your Social Network connections when you update your blog.
  2. Have you started growing your network on Twitter yet? Are you making friends by RT'ing them (and do you know what RT means?) Your Twitter following can grow very quickly with consistent and persistent use, and some great tools. Click on the "Twitter" label to the right for Twitter tips on this blog.
  3. Are you in LinkedIn and Yahoo groups with like minded folks, letting them know about your special offerings?
  4. Are you using Facebook to full advantage ~ posting photos of your business events, creating events and inviting people to attend, creating cause pages to attract contributors and fan pages to build a following, or groups to create community?
  5. Do you have a free ad on Craigslist?

If you are baffled by any of this, unsure about what steps to take next or how to learn all this stuff, I offer free teleclasses every month on Social Networking Basics during which I always reveal tricks and secrets to how to attract perfect customers online.

I also offer a 10 week hand-holding webinar intensive where I guide folks through the process of creating an attraction-based Internet marketing plan that empowers them to get to page one of Google, improves their online magnetism, and grows their contact lists exponentially.

Email to receive call information for my next free teleclass, Monday, June 15th at 3pm pt. Visit to learn about my upcoming 10 week webinar and register online.

It is part of my mission to help you express your true purpose while attracting perfect customers. Contact me and let's explore how I can be of service to you as you take your message online.

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  1. What you've written about visualization really seems to work! I have been noticing that my before-going-to-sleep visualizations, even if for a couple of minutes do work wonders.