Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Soulful Lead Generation: The Days of Targeting Anonymous Leads are Over!

by Julia D. Stege, MFA

I remember when I first heard of a "Lead." I was active in a network marketing company and was learning about what they called a 'numbers game.' The idea was that once you had already burned through your "warm market list" (ie your friends and family) you would want to buy leads (names and contact info of potential clients) from brokers and other resources. You would then target these people who don't know you from Adam and give them your well-rehearsed sales pitch. Since only a few would bite, you would need hundreds if not thousands of these leads to try.

This seemed to work for a lot of people but I lost the stomach for it in about 2 minutes.

The problem for me was that the relationship wasn't authentic. The leads were just folks who at one time had indicated interest in home based business. There was no way to sort by personality type or interests or their potential simpatico with me and with the environmental mission of my company.

When I discovered Social networking, I found that I could easily meet dozens of new people each day just from sharing my purpose authentically online. And soon I started receiving calls on a regular basis from folks who say I'm the bomb and are already sold on my offerings.
Want these results? Here are some steps you can use to start generating some soulful leads on the social networks.

1) Create an attraction plan. You can get instructions on creating your attraction plan at Your plan will help you focus on what you want rather than the lack you may be feeling right now. You will clarify who you're attraction, what makes you and them tick, what you want them to expect from you, and who you are being. This will help you to get ready for your most perfect customers so you will recognize them when they contact you. You want to give energy to those who match your plan and let the others go.

2) Get on the social networks. Do not delay! If you can handle only one or two, get on and first. These are the most popular social networks with millions of potential perfect customers for you. More and more marketers are finding these tools, when used consistently, generate good leads. (Learn about other social networks on my free teleclass next week. See invite at

3) Locate your peeps: Make sure you connect with everyone you know on these networks, and then start searching for folks of like mind and heart. You can search for keywords on Twitter to see who is using those words and connect with them. You can join groups on Facebook to find simpatico people there. Search your friends' friends and connect with them.

4) Lend a hand. Network in a way that helps others. Answer their questions, post valuable articles and information, repost items from your friends that you feel others would enjoy. This way you'll build a strong, trusting following of fans who are happy to receive your occasional promotions.

It's time to put away the old paradigm of targeting customers and do some soulful lead generation instead. It's going to be more fun and fulfilling for you and profitable as well. Go forth and attract!

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