Monday, August 17, 2009

Five First Steps to Facebook Fame

by Julia D. Stege, MFA

Attracting perfect customers and building buzz about your biz are fun and fulfilling activities you can do for free on Facebook, the most popular social network in the world. Boasting over 300 million users who linger a whopping 20 minutes per day, Facebook is an important business asset to any smart entrepreneur. Consider Facebook like your online Chamber of Commerce... you can meet people, socialize, organize, contribute, communicate, congregate, and promote yourself and your favorite causes to potentially millions of people across the world. Here are some steps you will want to take now to get started using Facebook.

STEP 1: Set up a good profile. Make sure to upload a recent photo of you, and include some details on what your personal interests are. On Facebook people want to get to know you as a person so give them what they're looking for. Also make sure to include all of your educational information and past employers so that folks you knew at those places can find you. Connecting with old school chums and work buddies is extremely enriching and can often lead to good referrals too!

STEP 2: Find Friends. There are a variety of ways you can find friends who are already on Facebook. First, have Facebook search your email for your peeps and request to connect with all who come up. You can do searches in Facebook by school and graduating year, and by employer to connect with folks you've met along the way. You can also connect with folks you don't yet know, but who share common interests with you, or who live in your region. Make sure to friend at least a few people every day and soon you will have hundreds of qualified connections who are interested to learn more about you!

STEP 3: Join Groups. Groups are where people congregate around an idea, an interest, a hobby, or a concern. Groups attract people of like mind and heart and offer ways for them to interact and communicate with each other. You can join groups and then look for ways to contribute to the members. See if you can answer questions or provide useful resources to the group members. Become known in your group and invite other group members to friend you. You can expand your network and your reputation this way.

STEP 4: Share Your Photos. Photos are the #1 activity on Facebook and folks spend a lot of time doing that. Make sure you have something to look at from various phases of your life, from childhood through school years and key events in your life. Make sure to have some recent photos so folks can see what you're up to now. If you are an artist, share pictures of your artwork too. Pictures are a great way to share what is important to you and help people to get to know you better.

STEP 5: Contribute Compelling Content on Your Wall. Whether you are sharing inspiring quotes, a song that moved you, educational videos, or your latest blog post, make sure whatever you put on your "Wall" is a reflection of what is truly important to you. Your postings will naturally be compelling to your friends when you are authentic. Interesting content will uplift and entertain your followers, and if they like it, they'll share it with others. Post your offerings occasionally but not all the time. Make sure to mix marketing with personal and inspirational contributions.

These are just some simple first steps to creating a following and building buzz about you and your offerings on Facebook. Read more tips on using Law of Attraction with Social Networks and Marketing on this Magical Marketing Blog.

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