Thursday, March 5, 2009

Time to Create a New Attraction Plan!

Maybe for you it seems like things are not going exactly the way you want. Even though most of the time these days I'm in the flow and loving life, once in a while something happens that hooks me; like when a client chooses someone else, or a project doesn't go the way I expected, or when there is a lull in business. If I notice I'm fixating on what's wrong, I know that unless I want to attract more of what is wrong, i'd better turn my attention toward what I really want. Yet, it's time redo my Strategic Attraction PlanTM* and pronto!

I've been using this tried and true method for over five years to attract my perfect customers and the experiences I desire in business. This plan has helped me to clarify what is perfect for me, what is important to me, what I want my life to look like. It has helped me to see where I'd been settling for less from my work life and then it has helped me to reset my course to attract inspiring people who respect and reward me in ways I'd previously never dreamed. Whenever I experience something is wrong I want to ask, "what would be more perfect for me?" and get it down in writing.

There is no better time than the present to reset our course toward the fulfillment of our dreams.

Though I have plans I've already started, I like to create a fresh plan once in a while for that sense of a new beginning. Sometimes I write my plan in a journal, sometimes just on a piece of paper folded in half so I have 4 sides to write on, or sometimes I'll use my computer. It just depends on what feels right in the moment. Here are the four questions of the Strategic Attraction PlanTM and some instructions on how to use it.

1) What are the qualities, characteristics and attributes of my perfect customers? This is a long list of what I like about my perfect customers, what they're like, their personalities, how they treat me, the resources they have, how they find me, what is important to them, how they act, and so on. I can think of folks I've loved to work with in the past and what I liked about them, or I can think of client situations gone awry and what I would prefer. What kinds of people have you always wanted to work with? Describe them here.

2) What makes me and my perfect customers tick? Another way to put this is, "what is my true life purpose?" When you clarify this and begin sharing it with others you will realize that your perfect customers have a mission that is quite aligned with yours if not exactly the same. It is our soul fire that is the source of our attracting power. When our perfect customers get what makes us tick, they recognize us and choose us.

3) What do I want my perfect customers to expect from me? If you have ever felt at the mercy of other people's expectations, this is your chance to be proactive and determine what you want others to expect from you. Write down the offerings you want to deliver, how you want to be perceived, what you want to acheive, and what you want your days to look like.

4) Who do I have to be to attract what I want? For each item under number 3 that you have not yet 100% attracted, write it down here again. Then ask yourself, "who would I have to be to attract this?" What word or phrase describes the way you would be if you attracted this? Write it down next to the item you want to attract. Now go forth and be that quality and watch as what you desire is drawn to you.

Signs of Land

It is important to take note of what we are attracting on a regular basis. When a sailor approaches land from sea, there are signs of land long before actual land is sighted, like certain weather patterns, or particular birds, sea mammals, and plant life. Similarly when we set course for what we desire in life and business, there are signs along the way that what we asked for is coming. Perhaps you asked for clients who are fun and someone calls from a game company, or you have asked for a more spiritual experience of business and you attract an inspiring teacher as a client. Taking note of these "signs of land" will help you to acknowledge your progress and flow toward the realization of your dreams.

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