Saturday, March 21, 2009

Is Your Marketing Uplifting?

I'm a pretty sensitive gal, and it hurts me to see so many people freaking out these days. According to the news, most Americans are experiencing a lot of fear and stress over current events. This is made even worse by a fear-mongering trend in media and advertising. I want to counter that trend with a bit of inspiration.

I want to thrive just as I want my prospects and customers to thrive. But thriving depends on maintaining a positive outlook and achieving happiness no matter what's going on in the world. To contribute to the thriving of my contacts, prospects and customers, I must maintain an uplifting spirit and send out only positive, inspiring messages to them in my conversations, my ezines, blog posts, and social media updates.

What can you do to help uplift your prospects and customers right now?

1) Understand their Challenges: To help uplift your prospects and customers you first want to learn what their challenges and problems are, and meet them there. You will want to ask them what they're dealing with and start noticing trends. You can survey your elist and/or folks registering for your free classes regarding their biggest challenge. You will give people an immediate feeling of relief just by asking, and if you can offer hope of a solution, your customers will start feeling better right away.

2) Offer Words of Encouragement: Let your prospects and customers know they aren't alone in their suffering. Offer examples of those who have overcome similar obstacles, and encourage your peeps to be confident. Inspire them with stories of success from you and/or your mentors.

3) Give Away Effective Tips: Offer your contacts free tips through your ezine, social networks, articles, and free teleclasses / podcasts. Give them enough information to help them to get moving in the direction of their goals and dreams. Consider the information you normally exchange with all your customers at the beginning of your relationship, and see if you can develop that into a free offering that helps people whether they hire you or not.

4) Develop Inspiring Articles - whatever uplifts you will likely uplift your peeps too. Write about what uplifts you and send it out to your contacts. If even just one or two people are helped by your article, it can start a viral campaign of sharing. You will become known as an uplifter and your popularity will grow.

GOT UPLIFTING TIPS OF YOUR OWN? Please post your comments by clicking "Comments" below. We'd all love to hear your ideas.

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