Sunday, April 6, 2008

How I Got to Page One of Google and Yahoo by Sharing My Passion Authentically

The most attractive marketing to your perfect customers is a true reflection of you and your offerings. Those people who are seeking you and your services want to know you're the one when they find you. That is why I stress coming from the heart, sharing your passion authentically whenever you can. I have been taking this approach to Internet marketing for about ten years, but just last year when Google changed it's game plan, I started popping up on page one searches all over the place. What seemed to me a logical approach to attracting perfect customers online turned out to be the best way to appear like an authority to the search engines.

My tried and true online market place also turned out to be a top-ranking site to use, now ranking higher than on search engines. I've been posting on for free since around 1999 with great success, and now my craigslist postings are helping my other sites rank better for certain key word phrases I'm using. If you only do one thing online, it should be creating craigslist postings of your offerings. I make sure I post one for each of my main businesses every week.

Some of the new social networking sites that we may associate more with teenagers turn out to be some of the best ranking sites out there, including blog sites like blogger, social networks like myspace and youtube and newer business networking sites like squidoo. Sharing yourself authentically on these fun sites is a way to develop the clarity of your mission while boosting your site ranking and being easily found online.

I've been playing around with some of these sites. You can see my most recent squidoo lens at and visit my other lenses from there. I hope you rank my lens!

Here's one of my hub pages. Let me know what you think of it!
You can access my other hubs from there.

This spring I'm taking a group of entrepreneurs through the process of creating authentic online marketing that catapults them to page one of Yahoo and Google for a variety of "Magical Keyword" searches. My 10 Week Webinar for Web-Challenged Individuals is perfect for anyone who would like to delve into Law of Attraction Marketing while learning smart internet marketing techniques for being found online. Using the latest Webinar software you can literally 'look over my shoulder' as I guide you step by step in setting up your internet properties.

You can listen to a free 1 hour intro-teleclass recording called "How I Got to Page One of Google by Sharing My Passion Authentically" on my home page

You can also participate in my second live free introductory teleclass/webinar on this topic to take place on Thursday April 26th at noon pm pst. Just email with the subject "Register Me in Free Webinar 4_26_08" to join in the fun.

One of my favorite experiences is attracting my pefect customers online. I want you to have that freedom that I enjoy every day!

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