Sunday, April 27, 2008

Getting to Page One of Google is Magically Fun!

I really love it when I get a phone call from a potential client telling me that I came up number one on Google in a search I'd never even considered. I'm not exaggerating. This happens to me more and more these days, I'm happy to announce.

The other day someone looking for a food label designer searched the phrase "Graphic Designer Food Products Bay Area" and I came up number one on Google. That says to me that consciously using the Law of Attraction while using free webby networking tools and is an effective Internet Marketing Strategy. I recently learned that 51% of internet searches have never been done before. That means that I must rely at least 51% on 'synchronicity' and 'luck.'

That's where the Law of Attraction comes in. This law states "like attracts like," or in other words "what you seek is seeking you." My perfect customers are seeking me right now. The internet is a great tool to help my perfect customers find me.

How will they find me? They will find me through searches and social networks. How will they know me when they find me? They will know me when I am authentic and come from the heart in my expressions (my marketing being one of those expressions.)

To attract perfect customers online, I believe the best strategy is to network online and promote your main website using Web 2.0 properties like Blogspot, Squidoo, Hubpages, and Twitter. This will not only put you in front of a stream of possible clients, but it will also help your main site gain better ranking.

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