Friday, November 4, 2011

Who is Your Website For?

Wildly Attractive Website in progress for
Kalli Halvorson, feminist astrologer
by Julia D. Stege, MFA
The Magical Marketer

There is a lot of consensus in the marketing field that runs almost directly counter to my whole philosophy of Branding from the Heart and creating Wildly Attractive Websites. Here's the key difference, almost all of my marketing and branding coaches, mentors, colleagues and friends have been taught (or teach) that your website is about the clients you are attracting, not about you.

Even folks I know who agree to the importance of being authentic ultimately claim that the marketing is for the ones being attracted, almost leaving the business owner out of the picture. This is why I have felt it necessary to pursue a whole new paradigm for marketing.

It seems so obvious to me that as Soul-preneurs who have created businesses that forwards our purpose in the world, we would want marketing that matches our purpose. We would want it to feel like the results you create in the world.

I ask, how can your site do this when
you and your purpose are not considered important?

I also ask, how can we really know what will attract our ideal clients? Can we really read their minds and figure out their preferences? I say, no, not consistently anyway. Everyone has an opinion, right? And sometimes they change, daily. Traditional marketing has you target your audience, but your audience (the target) is constantly changing. Therefore you are targeting something that may not be there tomorrow.

So how can your site be truly effective
when it's about such a moving target?

When we create our marketing from the center of who we are, that is constant, that is unmoving, and that is wildly attractive to those who are seeking us right now. It is so attractive because they are like us, they are going where we are going. And they need our help to get there.

By consciously applying the Law of Attraction to our marketing, we recognize that "Like Attracts Like," and therefore, when we're authentic, true, and even vulnerable in our marketing, those who are like us, who really get and appreciate us, are naturally attracted to us.

It's with this in mind that I boldly declare (and sometimes frankly not so boldly, it's hard to contradict my own coaches...) a Wildly Attractive Website is all about you and your soul's purpose in the world.
More on how to create a Wildly Attractive Website in future articles.

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