Monday, November 29, 2010

Will They Recognize You When They Find You?

The world is filled with hypey marketing messages that have nothing to do with the truth. in fact, most marketing mentors will tell you to market in ways that are 'traditional', 'professional' and frankly, boring! So it's no wonder that when Conscious Entrepreneurs head out to market their businesses, they often make the mistake of following tradition and including hype in their marketing because they were told that's the way to attract customers. And the problem with this approach is that their perfect customers will never recognize them this way.

The Law of Attraction says, "Like Attracts Like." So your perfect customers are like you, and they want the real you to shine through.  When you shine your true authentic beauty to the world, you give your perfect customers the permission to do the same, and they will invite you to help them.  But when you use traditional marketing methods, you appear like a robot, blending in to the crowd, never standing out.

What exactly is hype? 
  • Hype is what we say when we're trying to put a smiley face over the truth.
  • Hype is what we do when we're afraid our authentic selves are not good enough.
  • Hype is what we write when we are copying someone else's sales letters.
  • Hype is what we wear when we think we have to fit in with the crowd.
  • Hype is salesy, smarmy and fake!
How can your perfect customers ever recognize you as the one they're seeking if you are faking it in any way? 

Imagine your most perfect customer right now.  Get a good picture of them in your mind.  These are folks who really get you, your uniqueness, your inner beauty and magic.  These people want only you because you are the only one with your special gift, your own approach to solving the problems your customer has.

Now imagine if you are copying someone else's sales letter, or using a design scheme that doesn't reflect your personality at all.  Can you see your perfect customers getting confused and passing you by?  Can you see how exactly the wrong people will be attracted to you?

So how to avoid hype and market authentically?

First, when you are writing your sales copy, blog posts, newsletters and other marketing pieces, write from the heart about what is most important to you and your business.  Share authentically about your true purpose in life and direct your sharing to your perfect customers.  Don't try to attract everyone, only those who will really get you and appreciate your special approach.

Secondly, use imagery that feels resonant to you, that reflects your personality.  Pictures can be the most powerful magnet that draws the perfect people to you.  When you choose imagery that opens your heart and gives you happy shivers, you know you have found the right ones. When your perfect customers see that, they will be intuitively drawn to you.

Third, be yourself.  Don't try to 'act professionally' if that means holding in who you really are.  Speak frankly, say what's on your mind, distinguish yourself from the crowd.  Blending in is not helping your brand.  A good brand stands out.

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