Tuesday, September 21, 2010

3 Keys to Making Marketing FUN!

One thing my peeps tell me time and again is that they hate marketing, it's a drag, they feel overwhelmed, and it's not at all fun! Since part of my business mission is to help conscious entrepreneurs to create a marketing plan that is fun, fulfilling and sustainable, it hurts to see so many of you suffering over your marketing. So in effort to aleviate your pain, here are some essential keys to making marketing fun.

First Key: Share What's Most Important to You in Your Marketing!
One reason marketing is such a drag to many people is that they are using outdated marketing techniques that feel alienating, embarrassing, and hypey, including using scripts written by others (ie mentors), competitive language, and fear mongering. Authentic marketing is more effective for attracting perfect customers, so you want to dive into your soul and discover what's most important to you. Write blog posts, ezine letters, or website copy that reflects your passion.

Second Key: Connect with Perfect Peeps that You Love!
Marketing is a hassle when you don't like the people you are marketing to. It seems obvious but I remember a time when I was so nervous to go to networking events because I didn't like anyone there! Finally it dawned on me I should network with people I like. Then I'm much more bubbly, happy, smiley, and attractive! To attract more folks I like, I use the Attraction Plan and clarify who I want to attract

Third Key: Do What Brings You Joy!
I am always looking for ways to integrate what I love to do with marketing. One of my favorite things is to wander around Sebastopol placing my post cards, brochures and/or fliers arond in cafe's and on bulletin boards around town. I also meet and greet with local conscious entrepreneurs to expand my local network, and I love attending business breakfasts with other local entrepreneurs (ones I like!) When I am happy and uplifted, I am a magnet for what I want in my life.

When I'm having fun, I'm more likely to attract my perfect customers! Please share what you love to by commenting to this post and if you have questions about how to market yourself while you're doing it, I'll answer!

Julia Stege is called The Magical Marketer because she helps conscious entrepreneurs to attract their most perfect customers with a unique combination of intuitive branding, wildly attractive websites, law of attraction principles and social networking strategies. Download Julia's free Attraction report and instructional videos at http:://www.MagicalMarketingToolkit.com.

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