Wednesday, October 8, 2008

What the !$?BLEEP?*%! Should I Blog About?

Part 2 in a 3 Part Series on Blogging

I just learned that over 20% of the world’s population is now online according to the latest report from Internet World Stats. This is a growing potential customer base we can’t really afford to ignore. With the availability of free blogs and social networks, everyday entrepreneurs can speak to a wider base, amplifying our message to a national or even international audience while capturing better placement on the search engines. Gone are the days when only the technically adept could contribute new content to sites on a regular basis and get to page one of Google.

What New Content?

There’s the rub. Many of us have started a blog but only have one or two posts on it. We get to a point where we don’t know what to blog about. Here are some tips on creating blog content that helps you keep current customers interested, improve your search engine ranking, and help you attract more perfect customers.

What Do YOU Care About?

The Law of Attraction says that “like attracts like” so the subjects that interest you are likely to interest your perfect customers. You have access to knowledge that fascinates you and also will captivate your customers. Just sharing authentically about your passions and interests will grab their attention and offer true value.

Answer the following questions and see how many blog post ideas you can create.

1) What resources have you discovered that can benefit your customers?
2) What tips can you offer people that will make a difference?
3) What current events or news items are pertinent to your peeps?
4) What challenges have you faced and what have you learned from them?
5) What marketing messages do you want to promote?
6) What humorous antidotes to today’s reality can you share?
7) What interesting adventures have you taken recently?
8) What subjects are your customers searching about now?

Write down all the ideas you come up with and refer to them when you are looking for a new blog topic. How often you blog is up to you, what is sustainable for you. Consistency is key and if you're offering good value on your blog, you'll be rewarded by your expanding customer base.

Some Keyword Considerations

As you create your blog posts, make sure you consciously and consistently use the keywords and phrases you want to be found by AND that express your true purpose. I call these Magical Keywords and they empower logic with attraction.

It’s most important to use your keywords in the title, headlines, subheads and links on your posts and web pages. And if you submit your blog post to a variety of sites, you will be more likely to appear in searches for those phrases.

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