Friday, February 15, 2008

Attracting Perfect Customers with the Strategic Attraction Plan TM

Simple Plan is Proven to Make Marketing Magnets

As seen in the book "Attracting Perfect Customers" by Stacey Hall and Jan Brogniez

The Strategic Attraction PlanTM (SAP) is a simple 4-part process that empowers you to attract perfect customers and relationships. Using the SAP we can literally put our order out to the universe for whatever we desire to attract, and thus become a magical magnet for the life of our dreams. I use the SAP to guide entrepreneurs in creating a Magical Marketing Plan that reflects their true passions, Branding from the Heart that expresses their mission in a way that promotes everything they're up to, and Wildly Attractive Websites that spread the word to the world and inspire their perfect customers to take desired actions.

Step one for all of these is to create your Strategic Attraction Plan TM (SAP). Below I outline the SAP with some of my own variations gleaned from my own work with clients and some simple instructions on how to use it.


Take a blank piece of paper 8.5" x 11" and fold in half. Now you have a 4-sided piece of paper. Below are the questions to put on each side. (You can also do this in a journal, on a computer file, or on a napkin!)

I am focusing here on attracting perfect customers, but you can attract any relationship you desire using this plan. Just insert the relationship you are attracting (business partners, vendors, employees, life partner, family member, etc) where I have "customers." You can even use this to attract new qualities from people who are already in your life, including yourself!

SIDE 1: WHO AM I ATTRACTING? What are the qualities, characteristics and attributes of my perfect customers?

SIDE 2: WHO AM I? What makes me and my perfect customers tick?

SIDE 3: WHAT DO I DESIRE? What do I want my perfect customers to expect of me?

SIDE 4: WHO AM I BEING? What am I improving to become more attractive to my perfect customers?

NOW start filling in your answers under each question. Think about what you want and use positive language. (ie instead of "my perfect customer doesn't blame me when things don't go right" say "my perfect customer takes responsibility for their own experience of life")

Side 1: is a long laundry-type list. Everything you can think of that you like in people you work with/for goes there. This is meant to help you begin aligning with the kind of people you want in your business and your life. Consider their personality traits, what they say, the kinds of resources they have to give to you, how they find you, how often they refer you... whatever you can think of to describe your perfect customers goes here. This will help you to focus on what kinds of customers you want and thus start attracting them.

Side 2: is a short statement of what your true inner calling is, your soul's desire, your main life passion. This is what keeps you buring the midnight oil, it's what inspires you to get out of bed in the morning. The words you use to describe your passion are great words to use in your marketing because your perfect customers are inspired by the same things you are.

Side 3: is all about what YOU want ~ what you want to offer and what you want in your life. You want your perfect customers to expect these things of you - essentially you want them to expect what YOU want. These are the services, ways of being, types of products you are offering. This is also a list of the goals and aspirations you have in your life, and a statement of your boundaries. Ultimately the question here is what do you really desire in life, what do you love to do and want people to pay you for. What do you dream of doing? Your Magical Marketing Plan will be an enjoyable part of your life when you integrate it into what you love to do.

Side 4: is all about allowing what you are attracting to come to you. What you desire will come to you when you are aligned with your source, your purpose, your calling. We are creating our lives through our intensions and our willingness to become our desire. Since you have a list of your desires on side 3, take the ones that aren't fully realized 100% yet and put these on Side 4. Everything on Side 4 will appear first on Side 3. Then look at these items and ask yourself, "Who would I have to be to attract this?"
I often find that when I am being true to myself and joyful in my authenticity, all manner of things that I have asked for come to me.

I hope you find the Strategic Attraction Plan TM helpful. You can learn more about this methodoloy and my services at the Graphic Girlz Website.
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